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>Supreme Court of the United States

I study history and I have all my reference files. My info tells me that in 1795 or thereabouts, 'chisolm versus georgia' and opinion by John Jay stated that "At the tme of the revolution they became sovreigns unto themselves, with none to govern but themselves, and perhaps the indians among them." -- this is a paraphrase but 90% correct. NOTE ALSO the meaning of the legal term "Constitutor" which is this: "One who pays the debts of another, and this is always a primary obligation" and so that's what the founders did, they pledged their fortunes, to make the COTUS and eventually the BOR which for better or worse, codified some rights --UNLIKE NOAH HIDE LAW CODIFIYING NOT A THING FOR THE INDIVIDUAL MAN.

Okay, so, after that, in 1805 we see the SCOTUS has their first decision with the Marshall Court. As with the lodges, the courts were completely bagelized. Bnai Brith took over the lodges the frats, and also the judiciaries, via slime, blaxckmail and outright brazen madoff style theft.

So we do not need the supreme court, only these days do they kiss Jesus' ass by disallowing abortion they know he hates it, he hates harming of children in vitro or ex vitro. However knowing this, they (as with abortion hobbyist elron hubbard who started the vaunted Scientologist navy ha ha) still angle and aim to harm, rape and dclassify children as non humans. See also the supreme court in 1857 finally bringing their jewish masters the profits they had only dreamt of. **Rivers of white boys blood to make their sheckels.((