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But posting there is actually easier than in the captcha days, once you get the hang of the AddOn. And it seems semi-safe, in that you just get a new authentication code each time you post from a different thread, or with a different IP, and the AddOn is open source, and it isn't Jewgle. ++It's not tied to your device, or even your browser. It's tied to the Post Deletion Code.++ I, of course, use
with separate persistent Firefox Profiles, like I dun told ya years ago! (and, a simpler explanation is here: )
No, I won't be going back to /pnd/. Sorta guiding JN back there, where he can have all the free speech for spreading his diarrhea hate-spam that he desires, without moderation.
I'll probably mirror your shit temporarily, just to push the sperg's buttons, but hope to see you back over there soon too! Best to get it out wherever you can. MAXIMUM BUTTHURT.
They have, after all, placed us on a War Footing; and all we have is the Truth on our side. That's why they want to limit our ability to share our viewpoint in every way possible; in order to control the narrative.