Reader 10/21/2022 (Fri) 17:00 Id: 7b4a3c No.19229 del
I was already very concerned about 8kun being a massive honeypot and thought about posting news and comments elsewhere before Jim fucked up his site. Now that he demands us install something onto our own operating systems just to post there Sorry but that's as bad as giving Facebook your phone number, Jim went too far. I'm kinda glad 8kun is dying now honestly, it was shady enough to begin with anyway and besides, the glow niggers over there hated real news every time it got posted. I say let 8kun finally die in it's own misery. As far as /pnd Glad it's dead and riddled with garbage no one will bother reading anymore, it's not like many of those people ever wanted to read the truth anyway, thus the mass exodus from it's early days (/pnd/ once was a very popular board before the covid false flag and clot shot depop agenda started being exposed).

PS: if you really want to trigger Johnny Neptune just mirror a ton of news from this board, but don't tell him where it came from. It will drive him and the glow niggers up the wall LOL!