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> PS: if you really want to trigger Johnny Neptune just mirror a ton of news from this board, but don't tell him where it came from. It will drive him and the glow niggers up the wall LOL!
That's what I said I was gonna do, and I already have.
Post Moar REAL NEWS.
But, like I said, the AddOn for a fake sand-boxed Firefox Profile that ya nuke all the cache and whatnot every time, and you only use that browser profile for shitposting there, and it's the only profile with, yes, the "Open Source" AddOn installed, it's really not so bad. It's actually better and safer than having all your shit go through a 3rd-Party Captcha. Plus, it DEFINITELY makes people think about their posts more, and the quality is bound to improve. As for moderation, well, I wrote a thread about that this morning, and why it is important to not let Miserable Progressive Leftists DDoS Reality with their Diarrhea Hate-Spam.
We Cannot Let Them "Win".
But you are correct about the Joogle Authenticator. Wow. Jim has gone full-retard and only cares about Q-turd Twatterites.
I know you hate change, but maybe you could give it a try. You can use
, a GUI, and it makes it easier than shit to fire up a Firefox Profile. But I explained how to make a persistent profile over there. C'mon, Killcen! I know you've got a Linux machine around there somewhere! I told you about running a whole OS on a USB too, MX Linux, I believe I recommended. Still do, for the best Linux OS for running on a Live USB with 25 GB Root Persistence and up to 25 GB Home Persistence! Then you could run
(not to mention, a whole lot of other shit!) on that!
Having some tools, like a Live Linux Operating System with Persistence on a USB, may come in handy during the times to come...
I'll try to mirror some shit for awhile over there and lead JN to believe you broke down and got the AddOn, just for maximum butthurt. But I only go in once or twice a day myself, and am only there to post some TRUTHS.
(((They))) can't Stop the TRUTH.
Speaking of...

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