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> picrel from a Search on
Highly Recommend.
I'll post PDFs next post of the 3 pages that showed up when I made that Search.
The Jig IS UP!
The Goyim KNOW!

> had a nice "Killcen" post ready to go, and will post it when I get the chance.
YUUUGE Mistake.
Quite Costly, in fact.
> Dunno what my long-term plans are, as I'm going through some things right now, but I'll keep the lights on as long as it feels like the right thing to do; and you KNOW how I like to get up under the skin of the powers-that-ought-not-be!
A Stance that required Re-Adjustment.
Changing ALL My Tactics in This Information War Now That I Got a Tiny Taste of Just How Much Each of Us Can Be Affected by Forces Outside Our Control — Forces That Seek To Control EVERYONE & EVERYTHING, and DDoS Our Reality. Every Single Decision We Make in Life Has Far-Reaching Consequences, and Should Be Approached With Caution, Focus, Thoughtfulness, Discipline & Dedication. I am not the only one who has made mistakes! Take, for example, the ADL. I'm sure that by now they have begun to regret their heavy-handed approach with censorship and controlling what information who gets to say, or even what people think! If folks did not take "Conspiracies" seriously before, they sure as hell do now!
I learned a LOT during this process, and will be publishing some (not all!) of my findings soon. Have made myself pretty scarce on the internet in the meantime. I have done nothing wrong! But you don't have to say or do anything "wrong" anymore! All ya gotta do is express "Wrong-Think" in the Wrong place! FREEDOM is DEFINITELY "Wrong-Think" Nowadays.
Nobody appreciates powerful enemies with powerful tools completely demolishing one's ability to express Authenticity.

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