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Yeah, I can't post the PDFs. They're too big...

I'll post links later..

Oh, there will be information sharing! Much more, in fact; in many more places, reaching many more people!
You see, that's kinda what happens when ya try to squash something! It spreads out, and the REAL Flesh and Seeds find their way to more fertile ground, sustaining us all.
But Information-Sharing is not where I'm focused most anymore. There are so many taking up that mantle, and I will be happy to focus my energies on helping to Create the New Paradigm, the Alternative System, the New Ways of Thinking that need to be encouraged for generations, in order to return us to a path where we, as a species, are more focused on setting ourselves free — Free to practice Authenticity & Integrity, In Recognition of Our Divine Nature.
Yes, (((They))) want to take that from you. FROM EVERYONE. But (((they))) do not recognize, nor celebrate, their own Divine Nature, so (((they))) are really no match for us. They'll be fighting the wrong battle for all time!
So Take Heart! Have Courage, Man! We've got 'em on the run! Look at their Reactionary Behavior! Don't emulate it; just notice it, and take pleasure in the knowledge that our work is having an effect.
Speaking of work, I have been about that "Great Work", and will continue with much dedication and perseverance. The work I have found to do is so important I had to dedicate my ALL to it — Body, Mind & Spirit. All three are affected by each other. It's like a three-legged stool. If you want a level and firm foundation, you're gonna have to shore up all three in balance and harmony within your life. I personally found that certain activities I had long participated in were no longer useful in the furtherance of my authentic work, so I dropped them and replaced those activities with far more healthy choices; and that has made all the difference for me in my life, and my ability to be EFFECTIVE (which is really the point, eh?)
I've been focusing on health a lot, in fact — health of body, mind & spirit. They sustain each other, and a weakness in any area affects every other area of one's life. You know that. I don't need to tell you to let the Spirit guide you! But I have begun to, in much more earnest, and it's been paying off! Mental clarity is just one of those ways. Substances like cannabis, which I used to enjoy, are just a stumbling-block to further development, and I don't participate in helping build stumbling blocks in the way of my authenticity anymore. There's plenty of folks trying to hamper my Authentic Behavior as it is! I don't need to join the hordes and pile on too!
> I'll be sticking to endchan /news/ from now on, only posting content that I think is important to know about. Bombshell real news, but we all know how fucked this world really is already so there's really not so much to say anymore anyway. Hope you do continue posting fresh content to /freedomzine/ at the very least, it's nice to know there is still something worth reading on that shithole of a dead site lol.
Yeah, about that... "Q", the Q-bot run by the Intel Agencies, Glowsticks, Jim & thousands of Qtards, decided to RAID the board, and ALL were repulsed with mass bans and deletions (some of which are still ongoing.) Yes, Jim was banned! There will be more on this later, but I will be VERY Careful as to what information I share anywhere. You see, I was given a great gift — the Gift of Knowledge...