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The Meta Pixel appears to load its own Javascript code. I also block all that shit, but am pretty fine-tuned in my approach, as I use a combination of uBlock Origin set up in an advanced way,which allows a lot more blocking, plus uMatrix, which allows for much more fine-tuning, and really lets you see a lot more detail as to exactly what is going on with one's interaction with each site. Between those two one can completely dispense with less powerful tools like NoScript; but for most people NoScript will be easier than learning how to fuck around with uMatrix on each site they visit! But uMatrix is SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL and Fine-Tuned, and SO "WORTH IT"..

Let me give an example of a website that is pozzed as fuck.

Install uBlock Origin and block all third-party scripts, or all scripts, or all third-party everything if you want; or open up to everything but 3rd-party frames; it doesn't matter, because you can fine-tune your approach in uMatrix; and much will be learned every which way! You can figure out for yourself which tools are fucking everybody everywhere and you can block them in particular. Yes, it takes time to get uMatrix set up the way you want it for the websites you visit on the regular, but it's "WORTH IT".

As for DOM Storage, I use so many different browsers and sandboxed profiles that I have found it easiest to just make custom cleaners for Bleachbit and clean that shit after every browser shutdown, which can be quite regular! Good luck, bro! At least neither of us is being tracked and surveilled via our cellphone SIMS constantly contacting the nearest Stingray Device! SIM? Nope. Not for me. I do have a Pinephone, but I use it on Wi-Fi, and have VPNs, Lokinet, Tor, and, of course,
, which is pretty awesome. Privoxy also can come in handy sometimes. It is important to learn HOW Network Traffic is routed, and CONTROL That. BTW, you could buy a cheap little Pi Zero and turn it into a Lokinet Wi-Fi Hotspot for your home too if you want. We can make shit a lot harder for these snooping fuckers, but if they have a real hard-on for you, they can probably compromise you. Even if they were to fully compromise me, all they would find is that I have a somewhat dim view of Authority figures like them snooping in on everything and fucking with my Authenticity. Other than having a "bad attitude" in relation to "Authority", I'm not doing anything "Wrong"; I mean, besides the "Wrong-Think" I am obviously guilty of!