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That's why I never ban longer than 99d9h99m myself. The bans are actually part of the intended goal to make a board or site as unfun as possible for everybody, including those who use VPNs (meaning most of us.) These types do not care about bans, (there are ways around them, and phonefag methods of evading them that I won't mention here, and they reset anyway every time the salt is changed on the cryptographic equation used to display the IDs. Trust me, 99 day bans are just as effective, cause them just as much hassle, and cause everyone else a lot less hassle. There are worse offenders on other sites ("Johnny Neptune" comes to mind), and a decade of dealing with the likes of him have led me to the above conclusions.

Speaking of that, I've finally begun cleaning up the /freedomzine/ board, reindexed it, and made a thread related to two uploaded videos regarding the Qtard Raid and Qtard Idiocy in general. I'll be making a Playlist regarding Joozes shortly too.

Here be da interdasting lynx, me friend!

Qtards, Listen to Yourselves!

Qtards Banned

There will be more interdasting vids uploaded there on the regular:

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