Reader 01/05/2023 (Thu) 17:38 Id: 28ce29 No.19610 del
Glad to see you dropped by again. Hope you are taking full advantage of the good weather and getting prepped for the next blizzard and storms. If you do not have much money for "low tech" solutions like 12V batteries, power inverters and solar trickle chargers than think about stocking up on more "no tech" solutions at places like Good Will (extra boots, wool socks, extra thick clothing like sweatshirts and long sleeve shirts to wear under them, heavy and weighted blankets, etc.) NOW is the time to start thinking about that.

As for IP bans, I find it easy to simply post my comment in UTF-8 format on a text editor, spell check it and have it available to post the comment when I find an IP that is not banned. Till then I simply switch IPs and keep trying. Once posted I scrap it, flush the memory of the machine and 35x bleach the sqlite browser session data. By the way, 8kun is still a shithole and I can't even post there so I have completely given up trying to post there. Jim ruined his site, Johnny just takes advantage of Jim's stupidity and spams it all day long and I can't help but laugh about it really. What a sad state of affairs. Think about feds sitting around watching Q larpers and Johnny Neptune all day LMFAO!