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Oops. Sorry! Yep, I missed it. No prob. It's a good rant thread anyway. Starting to get used to just ranting to myself. Most of my writings are never seen by humans. My own girlfriend rarely reads anything I write, and nobody in my family does. I don't really have a "community" per se anymore. I probably never did, and was just fooling myself, but I feel it more acutely now than ever.

I don't know why you're having any problems posting there. It's easier than ever actually. No captchas anymore, so yeah, it's pretty easy. You must have something important blocked on uMatrix or uBlock Origin. They change shit occasionally, but it's been easy for awhile. As for it being a shithole, that is true. It's just Qtards and Johnny left. I still want to raise the vibration there occasionally on the off chance that somebody with an open mind might stumble in there and find something useful. I obviously have no time to interact with idiots like Johnny, and even most Qtards are stuck in their own social paradigms that preclude thinking for themselves. FAMILY is the most important consideration anyway, and now that my kids are grown and gone I not only really miss them, I have really begun to understand how important family was, and is, to my own psyche; not to mention the future of humanity. The powers-that-ought-not-be have really damaged us by decimating the power that family IS. (and its importance in our lives.) They've fucked young people up most of all, and many of them do not want to ever have children in such a fucked up world. My own daughters seem uninterested in progeny, or participating in the lessons and joys that only parenthood can provide. Of course, they still have plenty of time, but this is exactly how whites will soon become a thing of the past... all according to (((plan))). It also robs us of any sense of meaning other than the ones (((provided))) for us. Speaking of... Here's a good interview...

Toronto Protocols, 666 Group, Mind Warfare, Family as a Single Organism & more w/ Simon Esler [Embed]

I look forward to Part 2.