Reader 01/07/2023 (Sat) 14:02 Id: 631e65 No.19618 del
Communists always want to break up the "nuclear family" because that is a natural strong bonding between individuals, as well the fact families become wealthier through inheritance over time, and wealth is not something communists desire us plebs to have. I would suggest trying to inform and persuade your daughters the best you can, for their own interests. Times are going to get a lot more tough and if the family as a whole is not prepared then freedom and self-sufficiency will not be guaranteed. I cannot blame the youth today for not wanting to have kids btw, most of the youth have been suckered by the corrupted "higher educational" (puke!) racket and are deeply indebted because of it. Many simply cannot afford to have kids, let alone the time it takes to raise them. Sadly the "educational" system has been weaponized against the family as well. This will not end well for most of our nation, but it does not mean we cannot survive the collapse of this corrupted bankrupt government or it's stranglehold. We are witnessing just what the Russians had to endure before the USSR collapsed. Make note of it and prepare accordingly. People will die. It is up to you to save who you can in your lifetime.