Hidden Camera: Pfizer Scientists Admit Covid Vaccine Industry Is Based On Fraud Reader 01/11/2023 (Wed) 15:12 Id: 63fa7e No.19636 del
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Hidden Camera: Pfizer Scientists Admit Covid Vaccine Industry Is Based On Fraud

Project Veritas is back with a vengeance. Elon reinstated their deleted Twitter account and they’ve been taking aim at Big Pharma with redoubled vigor.

But targeting Pfizer is nothing new for Project Veritas. You’ll recall back in 2021, they jumped head-fist into the “vax mandate” debate by publishing a 10-minute video showing Pfizer scientists touting the benefits of natural immunity.

A scientist by the name of Chris Croce admits on hidden camera that there’s a link between the vaccine and myocarditis… and they all know it: https://www.revolver.news/2023/01/project-veritas-strikes-again-pfizer-scientist-admits-the-unthinkable-on-hidden-camera-they-all-knew/

He went on: “When you actually get the virus, you’re going to start producing antibodies against multiple pieces of virus, and not only just like that outside portion, like, the inside portion, the actual virus.”

Nick Karl, a scientist who is directly involved in the production of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine, said that natural immunity is more effective than the very vaccine he works on, and Pfizer produces.

“I work for an evil corporation… our organization is run on COVID money.”

“When somebody is naturally immune, like, they got COVID, they probably have better – not better, but more antibodies against the virus,” says Mr. Karl in the hidden-camera footage. “Because what the vaccine is, like I said, that protein that’s just on the outside, so it’s one antibody against one specific part of the virus.”

Chris Croce corroborated Nick Karl’s assertion about COVID immunity derivative of antibodies:

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