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In the past, my fellow indefinitely suspended FBI whistleblower Kyle Seraphin noted Wray’s unimpressive and milquetoast nature. Seraphin contrasts Wray with his predecessor James Comey whose physical size, according to Seraphin, at least made him appear like he was the physical embodiment of a middle finger to America whenever he stood in a group of FBI employees.

I wholeheartedly concur with Seraphin’s observations. However, I will proffer an addendum. Comey wantonly and bombastically self-aggrandized. His theatrical sanctimony and tendencies toward self-promotion revealed themselves in the final days of his tenure as FBI Director and ballooned to parodical levels after his firing. In stark contrast, Wray’s latest public relations foray amplifies his mediocrity. To his credit, Wray has the self-awareness to realize he lacks the necessary charisma and intestinal fortitude to make the necessary reforms at the FBI to avert the pending tsunami of congressional subpoenas and inquiries. So he has decided his best option for career preservation is a tried and true appeal to “support the thin blue line.” His words are as diminutive and unremarkable as his physical stature compared to Comey’s. And like his predecessor, Christopher Wray should be recognized as a failure and summarily dismissed from office.