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The 15 minute city

Today is the first time I have heard of this, and it is the goal of the WEF to get everyone into one.

The concept is to have everthing anyone needs, from parks to entertainment to food - EVERYTHING within a 15 minute walk of their home. That means everything is within about 1 kilometer, not even a mile. The goal is to have everyone walk to whatever they need, including work, so cars can be eliminated. You will only be allowed to leave your 15 minute zone a certain number of times per year.

It will suck. Because even in Mexico where there are stores everywhere, (at least 100x as many as the United States has) - there are 4 reasonably priced grocery stores and 2 fully stocked hardware stores within 1 block of where I live and there are probably 30 within a mile - and it is the same everywhere PLUS 2 junk food stores, - even with it like that a 15 minute city won't work because specialty items are at least 4 miles away, in a country where "everything you need" is right at your fingertips.

I guess the 15 minute city is a Klaus Schwab dream of little slave plantation zones where everyone is slammed into tiny areas and travel is restricted to "within a 15 minute walk". That is far worse than the soviet bloc, where you could at least walk for a couple days without leaving your zone. A 15 minute walk could be had on any reasonably sized farm, or should I say "plantation?" The Soviet Union was considered a nightmare because travel was so restricted you needed permission to go somewhere that was 100+ miles away. Klaus wants it all within a square mile area, 10,000 times as restrictive.

What a fun future we are all headed into if this is not stopped.....

MY COMMENT:A totalitarian wet dream indeed, but no I do not believe they will get away trying to do this. At least not in America, the government would be facing tens of thousands of "Wacos" and "Bundy Ranches" if they ever tried confiscating private property on a massive nation-wide scale. It would be a declaration of war, and honestly I could see many States refusing to aid or enforce such despotic totalitarian agenda. Out where I live, I live in rural Missouri, everyone owns guns and next to no one trusts this government! Not even our AG trusts the government. Not our Sheriffs either. People out here, and no doubt elsewhere, will tell these WEF'ers to take a stroll off the nearest cliff! That said, wood burning stoves are not banned out here, they may be in some States and no doubt cities but most of us still burn wood for heat, and TUFF FUCKING LUCK what the government thinks about it!!!