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Question: Where are the 7,400 homes? You guessed it! In apartment structures that look the same as the industrial areas with "30,000 jobs" all within 600 acres!!!

MY COMMENT: This is why the WEF'ers must admire China so much, most Chinese plebs are forced to live in compact cities with pod-like micro apartments with absolutely no privacy. Yah, I would have to agree death would be a much better option. We'll just die fighting against this if worse comes to worse. If even half of America has that attitude (trust me when I say millions already do) this won't go anywhere, it will end up like Meta's VR project which they too shilled for, a failed totalitarian wet dream that awakens to the reality that no one cares for this shit.... WHICH BRINGS ME TO ANOTHER CONCLUSION: What if this was not meant for us' but is being planned for illegal aliens who get granted citizenship (who are slowly replacing us), or could it be for their new artificial babies they are test-producing in labs? (yes state-run media actually shilled this idea I kid you not, see the link):

Here's how I think they MAY be able to get this done - if my first intuition were wrong, this is mere speculation: they'll keep pushing the covid clot shots, keep warping the minds of children turning them into trannies who never reproduce, crash the Western supply chain on purpose, create systemic insolvency and with that crash the entire financial system, do "bail-ins" (theft of bank accounts), then make it super hard to resist their social credit score digital currency agenda (like mark of the beast Bible revelations), make living rural too hard for most people which would force them to either stay and die where they are or voluntarily relocate to the cities, then when 80% either die or move, WHAM!!!! They whack the rest of us using predator drones or midnight FEMA gulag raids!! HONESTLY I BET YOU I JUST NAILED IT!!!