Reader 01/14/2023 (Sat) 08:55 Id: b74aa6 No.19651 del
We are dealing with pure evil that has no ethics, moral or human sympathy. Many are hardcore Zionists working as a criminal cabal, some are just greedy selfish brickhead middle men who actually believe they are "serving the country", regardless, it's important to know what these bastards are up to and to spread the word out. Most normies get upset when we talk about race or creed, so I'll avoid that for now and just focus on the jugular issue hoping normies will wake the fuck up: the fact is our country has been taken over by pure corrupted evil people and they want us dead and replaced, or at the very least completely disarmed and subjugated so they can bring back feudalism. That's their true goal. A high-tech feudalist prison planet.