Get Ready Rich Bitches: Open Borders Coming To A Liberal Community Near You! Reader 01/23/2023 (Mon) 19:40 Id: 1d5b21 No.19686 del
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Get Ready Rich Bitches, Open Borders Coming To A Liberal Community Near You!

Liberal elites spend their summers on Nantucket, an isolated island off Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Many year-round residents live in homes worth millions of dollars and are furious about the plans to build an affordable housing complex on the island.

Surfside Crossing is planning to build 156 homes on a 13-acre affordable housing development has sparked a flurry of lawsuits and protests. A record amount of residents have turned out at hearings to object to the low-income housing development amid the worst affordability crisis for homeownership ever.

How does it feel to be the next ones targeted for deliberate destabilization?

Residents claim the new housing development "will damage the environment and strain resources, and that the developers are using the subsidized housing angle to skirt zoning restrictions," according to The Daily Beast.

Meanwhile, the developers say most elite residents are just furious that a low-income housing project will be in their own multi-million backyard.

On an island where some homes are listed for sale between $30 and +$50 million, and the median listing home prices are above $3 million -- it should make sense why residents don't want these affordable homes priced between $261,000 and $373,000.

Residents, such as Perry, claim the low-income development isn't a case of NIMBY-ism but instead about protecting the environment.

She added: "It's going to weaken our infrastructure, it's going to put our first responders at risk, it's going to put the community at risk."

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