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Correct, as I posted from another board today, I'll re-post the comment here and on /pol/ too.

I recall reading a report years ago how China rolled out a crime-investigating AI system that would sift through data to help their law enforcement solve crimes. In fact, the AI was so good at it's job the CCP forced them to shut it down. One would ask why? The reason being the AI system was able to root out corruption and it would always trace the corruption to the highest levels of their own government and politicians lol. So they shut it down in order to remain in control. The same thing China's government has done, mark my words, all other governments will do too. Governments will never allow real AI to empower people or expose the real dirty players. As usual, I've told people AI will only be rolled out controlled by governments, limited to it's potential use, heavily censored and the use of it highly monitored for surveillance purposes (just like all major tech companies).