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The list of euphemized atrocities continues, which breaks down into three main areas. The creation of new devices, like tiny machines on the scale of dust. The development of new drugs, allowing for the thrilling ‘dual use’ of medical technology in the battlespace of the brain. This also includes the repurposing of medical brain imaging and implants to allow Giordano to extract your thoughts and replace them with his, which all seem to be about himself.

I think this is an important observation. This man shares an easily injured vanity with the entire class of insincere smilers. This type of person – whose public face is the product of rehearsal – sees human emotion and expression as a mask to be adopted for better results. We are governed by people with the morals of Leatherface, whose aim is to have us apply the chainsaw to ourselves.

The final strand is the development of novel bioweapons, which, when combined with the use of psychological operations, allows you to: “target individuals …and direct attribution …or use covert engagement with non attribution…”

This means that people can be affected by remote mind weapons whose very existence can be denied. The mere suggestion that this is possible raises a sensible eyebrow. It is not hard to see how midwit opinion will be mobilized to laugh off the means of its own manufacture. When government by implant is achieved, organized disagreement will be a thing of the past.

Giordano regales his audience with the merits of sponsoring medical research, whose advances in "non-invasive" transcranial stimulation (which it completely invasive) will permit the remote control of your mind.

If this sounds sensationalist, consider also the development of “novel neuroweapons.” This remarkable sequence in one of Giordano’s most infamous presentations shows him breathlessly introduce “In-close pharmaceuticals and organic neurotoxins.”

Which means, drugs and bugs to be used at close range to the “targeted individuals.” These include: “ultra low dose agents for use in targeting diplomatic/local culture ‘hearts and minds’ scenarios.”

In short, they will stop your heart and break your mind. The purpose of these projects is to render people unstable and undesirable by every means from altering medical records to shaping opinion through information and inducing symptoms of mental illness.

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