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Trying to prepare, but am getting old, not sure I have 10 years left in me, and I have no community. Can't do it on my own. Don't think many can. Don't think isolation will change anything in the world at large either. Small communities that work together in some ways, and trade amongst each other, might be able to be effective, but I can barely handle my garden and chickens. When the hordes come, and they will, as one man I might be able to pick a few of them off before they kill me, but they still win. Same with the overwhelming force that modern police will send over some stupid shit like my refusal to cull my chickens or something. They would all be only too happy to kill a man over chickens, or to make an example, or just to take my shit.
No community? Haven't got a prayer of a chance. I don't even like people that much. How am I supposed to get a community? I mean, that's the REAL Preparation, ain't it? Guns ain't shit once you're badly wounded or dead. The way these animals that the State is protecting as though they are humans are acting, I am liable to make a Citizen's Arrest, then get hauled off to jail for detaining a dangerous animal, or executing one. Sure, stay out of the cities! Yeah, but I need community to do that. I am an old man. This shit is coming EVERYWHERE. Even small towns like mine are putting up the 5G towers and blue lights. I could take out a few of those too, but would find myself either locked up under constant lights or dead just for trying to save people from the EMF Radiation that is the REAL Virus.
Hate to say it, but as a species, we are Doomed if the Smartphones and AI are allowed to continue to exist. Doomed.
A small community living way out somewhere that does not allow much in the way of technology might survive for awhile. I mean, until the swarms of drones are sent in for the kill.
Where's my electromagnetic pulse weapon?
I'm starting to get blackpilled again.
I will continue being blackpilled until I have a Community of like-minded individuals around me. And so few humans even attempt to think for themselves anymore, so, how to prepare for more dumbing down? More idiots? More chances of some fuckup fucking up? My trust levels are at an all time low. I hurt like shit, can barely move some days. How to prepare for it getting even worse?