Reader 03/07/2023 (Tue) 13:48 Id: 0334c0 No.19818 del
Family and local community is very important, but in the end survival is still not guaranteed to anyone. Even folks who live rural and tucked-away like myself and my family. I often am overwhelmed too thinking about all the ways they could kill us, by drones, strategic arson attacks, electromagnetic warfare or new strains of bio-weapons - and they might do that at some point - but until then we have to do whatever we can to survive and lay low. After all we are living in the days of horrific corruption, extreme glut and terrifying authoritarianism. As sad as it may be, if things continue to get worse, as I suspect they will, death might not be such a bad thing. I've made a life commitment resisting this evil. If it means my own death so be it. There are many people just like you out there, so do the best you can and get right with God. When times get really bad I suspect people will be forced to form local allies and communities, they won't have a choice not to if they wish to survive. Keep that in mind if you have neighbors nearby.