Lab Test Results For Chicken Feed Brands Now Disclosed! Reader 03/08/2023 (Wed) 15:01 Id: be59bc No.19823 del
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Lab Test Results For Chicken Feed Brands Now Disclosed!

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Aflatoxin results:

Aflatoxins are highly toxic chemicals created by molds and fungi. They are known to be fatal to chickens, cows, horses and other animals if consumed in large enough quantities. Aflatoxins are very common in oats, wheat, corn, peanuts and various grains. They are likely the No. 1 contamination problem in agriculture today.

Aflatoxin limits in the USA for crops such as corn are 20 ppb. Anything under 20 ppb is considered “safe” by the FDA. Other countries have more strict limits. The EU, for many years, had a limit of 4 ppb for many agricultural products.

Here are the actual numbers our tests showed:

– Purina Layena Layer Crumbles: 1.5 ppb
– Flock Party Egg Maker Pellets: 1.4 ppb
– Nature’s Best Organic Egg Layer Pellets: 1.8 ppb
– (Tractor Supply brand) Producer’s Pride 16% Layer Feed Mini Pellets: 2.9 ppb
– DuMor 16% Egg Maxx Pellets: 1.1 ppb

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