Reader 03/16/2023 (Thu) 14:26 Id: e1cb87 No.20009 del
A lot of people still butcher cows, deer and chickens for meat, just like a lot still raise meat rabbits to do the same. The problem is not enough people have the skills to do it or the will. They are too obsessed over their own conveniences in life. Right now no one is being forced to hunt and butcher to eat meat, they can simply go to an average restaurant or buy a few pounds of meat at a super market. When that convenience disappears after another major (manufactured) crisis, people may be forced to hunt and raise livestock for meat, or have to settle for a vegetarian diet. Most of the "vegan" food they make today is fake food btw, half of it is loaded with petro-chemicals and other preservative toxins. If you want to be a vegetarian at least stick with real non-GMO organic veggies.