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So-called National Socialists of 8chan's former /pol/ where sold Trump as the 'savior of the white race' before his election. Those of us who exposed him where banned but the blind of Natsoc endlessly supported him and fell for the Q dupe (Jim and Codemonkey's invented cancer). A certain amount of jews will hate anyone. Their entire existence is hate. That said, many jews are for Trump. He is one of theirs.
I'm neither Republican nor Democrat either. Both parties are bought. They began as the Democratic-Republican party against the Federalists before the split. Now they have taken on everything the Federalists were for the DR used to oppose. Loose interpretation of the Constitution, one government in charge not the states, one govt. bank, the wealthy such as lawyers and merchants only have a say, a single person leading the executive branch Voting for either is falling for the illusion of a two party system and the deceit of a democracy or republic. Their very party names are lies. Historically.