Reader 07/20/2023 (Thu) 20:49 Id: b0a699 No.21252 del

1) Megacorps give away ="FREE"= AI tools so normies make as much drivel as possible
2) Megacorps offer ="FREE"= AI to normies for months, until there's a sea of AI trash all over the internet
3) Megacorps then turn around and say "See all the FAKE NEWS and FAKE meme pictures that normies made! Woah, that's crazy! WE need to put more regulations on that type of content. By WE, we mean us, ALL of the Megacorps that offered the same AI tools for "FREE""

Yeah I called this out months.

=Holy shit=, I posted this video about AI literally 2 months ago and everything about it came true.

=/pol/ was right again!=