Reader 07/20/2023 (Thu) 23:52 Id: d8dd35 No.21254 del

Indeed the world is getting more fucked as the years pass and so is the internet. The previous internet of the 90s pretty much is non-existent beside some p2p clients that most normies no longer use. I still use the internet from time to time but mostly to catch up on news and sometimes buy something I may need if it is too inconvenient to commute to purchase something at a retail store. I really do not use the internet for much else and I guarantee in the near future both governments and their crony oligarchs will seek to completely dismantle the current internet as it operates now, mandating all kinds of draconian privacy-invading IDs just to log online, maybe even forbidding old computers from logging online. At that point it will be too late, better get whatever you want now while you still can and have multiple offline backups of all your favorite desired media. If that day comes, I'll be offline and no one will be able to contact me other than my personal phone number or meeting up with me face to face. Pretty much back to pre-internet times.