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This is only more proof Microsoft has no fucking idea what they're doing. Yeah they could try to differentiate A.I. images from person created images. But what happens when someone runs the A.I. image through an editor and makes alterations? All the prompts and A.I. are gone when you pop it into "PNG Info".
90s internet was purely unmoderated shit. There were illegal images scattered all over unrelated imageboards (Usenet alt.binaries) ranging from snuff gore to CP. Even in the Christian forums. Nobody had moderation tools back then. AOL, TalkCity, typically full of groomers. I suspect that crowd of sick fucks mostly moved onto Tor.
OP appears to be discussing A.I. generated images. Which restrictions exist in Stable Diffusion 2.0. People were using 1.5 to create realistic celebrity and "content creator" fake nudes so the creators caved to the rich babies crying like they're victims and blacklisted some prompts for 2.0