Reader 08/09/2023 (Wed) 18:58 Id: 535f94 No.21327 del
Well, one thing I have realized is that (((they))) have infiltrated Christian churches. Besides the fact Christianity is not "Judeo" as many fools have come to believe. The existing oldest evidence being Greek, as I could go off about that fact if you haven't seen it before. A church my previous job's management shilled hard has a kike pastor who regurgitated trash that jews were only a product of their times for calling for the death of Jesus before the congregation applauded and sang "El Shaddai". Then of course he ranted the usual lies about Hitler off topic. Brainwashed normies will condemn Natsoc and Hitler on occasion but they're not obsessed with those subjects to the point they'll make a completely unrelated rant to the public. That is the purview of the jew. It is a subject irresistible to them. Some Gentiles will, but only when paid off and handed a script (Arnold Schwarzenegger for example).

Marcus Schroeder is clearly not Caucasian. Obviously not German with those typically fucked up facial features. Jews have had a tendency of taking German names since they infiltrated Germany long ago.