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This arrangement ought to arouse enormous concern, not just from conservatives, but anybody who cares about the danger totalitarian woke capital poses to the basic liberties of Americans. At a minimum, simple prudence requires that conservative groups do everything they can to decouple their financial well-being from PayPal’s services. But more generally, rank and file users should look elsewhere as well, and Republican lawmakers should take interest in what is unfolding.

As will soon become clear, PayPal’s deal with the disgraced ADL ought to be treated as seriously as a massive data breach or hack of its users’ information. Earlier this year a hacker going by the moniker “God User” posted information on over over 700 million LinkedIn profiles on the DarkWeb; in 2019 Facebook experienced a devastating data breach concerning over 500 million users, whose information appeared online. Paypal sharing its user data with a radical political organization with a possible history of illegal activity must be treated with no less seriousness. In fact, the situation is far worse, as PayPal is intentionally inflicting this vulnerability on its users; unlike the data breaches described above, PayPal seems to have no intention of fixing the situation.

Both PayPal and the ADL have been remarkably cagey about the exact details of their collaboration. In particular, PayPal has done nothing to reassure consumers that it won’t be turning over enormous amounts of sensitive information to the ADL.

The ADL has their hands in a lot of pots, and this latest censorship venture, which was captured on camera by a citizen journalist who goes by the name Kyle is Based on X, is huge. In these first two clips, Kyle exposes the ADL’s alarmingly casual attitude towards censorship and banning people, totally disregarding the First Amendment rights of Americans as if it were an everyday occurrence—which it likely is. The ADL has even attempted to sway Elon Musk into banishing the top people on their private “hit list.”