Reader 08/20/2023 (Sun) 23:21 Id: 63afa4 No.21373 del
It will still take some time. The collapse is going to keep happening very slowly until the US loses global reserve currency status. Once the US dollar is rejected for global trade and all the debt comes flooding back to America it will cause hyperinflation and inevitable economic collapse. From there civilized society will break down. I suspect we'll see Europe collapse first before the US does. America is a huge country so it may take more time. The major populated cities will likely collapse first as they rely on outside areas for the production of resources, as the collapse will trickle it's way into other areas, eventually leading to total economic and societal collapse for everyone else once it spreads to the rest of the country. Mountains may be relatively safe to live if you are super secluded and have enough supplies to survive a whole year bunkering in. Cities will be hit the hardest and the surrounding suburbs will become "buffer zones" of war, rape and looting. I suspect the government has some kind of plan to allow it to escalate until people get so desperate they will be willing to give up their Constitutional freedoms to put an end to all the chaos, that's my main fear. It might get so ugly and so bad people will cave and beg for government intervention and FEMA camps.