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SMART! Nations Joining BRICS Union Will Not Be Allowed To Sanction One Another
MY COMMENT: This is a very smart idea. If they seek economic stability they must forbid weaponizing the financial system! When the West collapses we will be forced to play fair, or be rejected from the global economy! The true nature of capitalism, ironically!

BRICS Adds Saudi Arabia, Iran, Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia and UAE - Will Control 80% of Global Oil Trade!
The way the Biden Regime has curtailed our own oil and gas production, we would see shortages and price increases the likes of which has never been seen before.

BRICS Union Announces Plan To Abandon US Dollar For Global Trade

Young "Sex Workers" Are Now Being Banned From Crypto Exchanges, And Having Bank Accounts Canceled
MY COMMENT: You all sold your soul to a corrupt system run by Satan's minions! What did you really expect would happen?

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