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End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000017

Commercial Pilots Who Flew Over Maui The Day of Weaponized Arson Inferno Are Being Intimidated & Censored

Is FEMA Behind False Flag Arson Events To LAND GRAB and KILL WHITE AMERICAN CITIZENS Who Resist?
If you doubt this theory, you should be aware FEMA employees are being told that White Americans are inherently evil by default, fueling suspicions of abusive discrimination!

Corrupt Obama Judge Supports Sexual Grooming of Children In Ridiculous Ruling
Child students are not allowed to OPT-OUT from abusive sexual propaganda. Parents should be pulling their children OUT of these schools!

Bolshevik Biden Regime Now Targets A Ban On Ceiling Fans
MY COMMENT: Anyone who thinks this country still has free market capitalism is absolutely DELUSIONAL! They already banned gas generators, gas stoves, most common light bulbs, air conditioners, traditional refrigeration units, older motors, etc. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN IN FREE COUNTRIES AND IT CERTAINLY DOES NOT HAPPEN IN CAPITALIST COUNTRIES. The goal is total government control over our lives and to impoverish America!!!

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