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End Times News. USSA MO Bunker #493. V: 1 E:0.00000000018

79 Eco-terrorists Arrested For Arson And Murder After Greece Wildfires

Hawaii Governor Josh Green Already Had Articles Written For Maui Land Grabs BEFORE Massive Arson Fires

Bolshevik Biden Regime Blocks Millions Of Federal Acres To Oil And Gas Drilling
Despite the need for more energy production to charge mandated electric vehicles!?

Bolshevik Biden Regime Sought Power To Spy On Tik Tok Users, Moderate Content

The Democrats and the media run a constant clown show, but the Republicans play along as useless puppets, willfully participating in a system designed to destroy them. The Republican party is allowing itself to be rigged by playing by the rules of an old system that no longer exists. The Democrats, bureaucracy and their State-run media are vicious apparatchiks. They are a dirty and corrupt who clearly need to be fought. Most Republicans are worse because they don’t see their own participation in the Big Lie. They would rather step over Trump’s dead political body than save the republic. In so doing, they will never have power again, even if they do win another election. They will be vassals of the state apparatus, nothing more.

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