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>Judge Deborah Boardman of the U.S. District Court for Maryland in Greenbelt said in a 60-page opinion
>that the parents failed to show that the no-opt-out policy would “result in the indoctrination of their children
>or otherwise coerce their children to violate or change their religious beliefs.”
Of course (((she))) did. I can't find an image of this bitch without the star of Remphan on her neck.
> commentary
It's not like that's anything new. The suggestion seems to think it is. Democrat or Republican, they're always financed by the same backers. No matter the promises they make, they'll tow the line. Trump for instance was very pro immigration after he took office. The only ban of immigrants came in the form of whether or not they're "anti semitic". Biden tends to be more straight-forward about the fact he's a pathetic cuck. This is why grandpas should not be presidents.
>Tucker about the Ukraine
>this administration wanting to send U.S. troops
Oh great. Another failed U.S. intervention like Vietnam.
>Meet Some Of The Oligarchy Who Deeply Influence Politics
No need to worry about them. They may be rich as hell and compromised, but they're simps for money. Shareholders determine how they run their businesses. Old dead hook-nosed (((Samuel's))) Wal Mart does own local police and caters to diversity hiring practices. That family has switched back and forth from Republican (the elder generation donating to George W. Bush and Greg Abbott) to Democrat (younger generation donating to Hillary). The Walton descendants have been intent on ditching his legacy as they have offloaded Wal Mart shares upwards of $4.39 billion.