Reader 08/29/2023 (Tue) 13:59 Id: b1ee45 No.21391 del
Do we really trust globalist governments, who are relentlessly promoting their climate change agendas, to hold the power to control the weather? Can we be confident they won’t engineer extreme weather disasters just to validate their doomsday climate predictions?

Additionally, can we really trust our leaders not to introduce strange chemicals into artificially produced rain, which could potentially affect our food, water supply, and even our own bodies?

Harnessing the power to control the weather is essentially taking charge of crops, animals, and the entire human population. Such authority should be reserved for God, not handed over to maniacal weirdos like Bill Gates who could potentially treat us all like lab rats to further their own ghoulish agendas. With this in mind, we can’t help but wonder how much of the crazy weather we’re experiencing is actually Mother Nature’s doing, and how much could be orchestrated by Uncle Sam?