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BEWARE: Imploding Biden Economy Spawns FRAUDULENT SCAMS Targeting Consumers Of All Kinds

They are intentionally starting this COVID bull crap again, with the specific intent to steal the Presidential Election (again) the same way they used COVID to do that in the year 2020. Exact same playbook. They build it up, and build it up and scare people for months, then go into "lockdown" which they lie and say "It's just two weeks; to flatten the curve." Next thing you know, they're saying "We can't have people coming out to vote in a pandemic, we need mail-in ballots." And THAT is how they steal the election.

WEF Terrorists Are Very Happy Western Birth Rates Are Down

FEMA Officials Turning Maui Visit Into Luxury Holiday While Lahaina Residents Suffer Without Aid

Sane Greece Government Arrests Arsonists for Starting ‘Climate Change’ Fires
“You are committing a crime against the country” said Civil Protection Minister Vassilis Kikilias, warning that arsonists have attempted to set new fires in Mount Parnitha, north of Athens.

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