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IT WAS ALL LIES! 99% of 'Covid Deaths' NOT Primarily Caused By Virus, CDC Data Shows

The Western World Is About To Deliver Some Very Bad News To Its Young Adults
Young people are about to pay the hardest price for decades of bad policy and governmental debt insolvency.

Tucker Carlson Apologizes To Hungary On Behalf Of America, Slams Disgusting US Ambassador Over Lack Of Diplomacy
"The point of diplomacy is not to hector other nations for its own sake," said Carlson. "To show up in someone else's country and scream at them because they're different from you." "And so for a creep like David Pressman, who is not a diplomat - who's a political activist and Biden donor - to show up in your country and lecture you about your culture, and threaten you because you do things differently from the way they do things where he lives... hurts the United States and is a grave embarrassment to me as an American, and an outrage to me as someone who pays his salary. It's disgusting."
MY COMMENT: Thank you Tucker Carlson for being brave enough to stand up for America's interests and exposing the corrupt trash running our country.

Love Him Or Hate Him. Donald J. Trump Will Forever Be An American Icon.

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