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Democrats No Longer Want Americans To Drive?

2023 began with federal regulators targeting gas stoves, but we have since seen a host of other proposals going after washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, ceiling fans, water heaters, and others. Each runs the risk of boosting appliance prices, limiting consumer choice and compromising performance. And cumulatively, they add up to substantial headaches for homeowners that will only grow in the years ahead.
MY COMMENT: America is going the way of Communist Cuba. You'll have to keep and maintain OLDER appliances and vehicles to get anything done!!

Minneapolis Residents Feel Helpless As Streets Become Ghettos For Drug Dealers
I want lawmakers to understand how abandoned and helpless we feel when we reach out to those who are supposed to help us and we get excuses or silence.

China's Economic Growth Is Collapsing

Online Video Games Are The Next Target For Government Spying And Censorship

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