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Apple Stocks Tumble As China Broadens iPhone Ban

BRICS Nations Tease New Currency Note For Global Trade
The fact that currency design is already underway shows how serious the rest of the world has become at replacing the US Dollar to avoid meddling in their affairs by the United States.

A city in Wyoming has been overwhelmed with a growing number of homeless people, who have damaged a local hotel that would require millions of dollars to fix and left hundreds of pounds of human feces in the downtown area, according to its mayor.
“It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen. It’s third-world country stuff happening in Casper, Wyoming,”

Treason And Land Theft Is Happening After Maui Arson Attacks, As Residents Forced Into Bankruptcy, Provided No Aid
Good morning again from Maui, where residents are being ROYALLY SCREWED by local, state and federal governments.

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