‘Death’ Of Epstein Pal, Ex NM Governor Bill Richardson, Leaves A Black Hole Of Elitist Crime Reader 09/08/2023 (Fri) 07:51 Id: 38c89b No.21417 del
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‘Death’ Of Epstein Pal, Ex NM Governor Bill Richardson, Leaves A Black Hole Of Elitist Crime Of Geronimo, Pancho Villa And Blackest Corruption

The late-arriving news of the quiet passing of Epstein-Clinton crony William “Bill” Blaine Richardson leaves a vacuum in a slew of crime mysteries, including the whereabouts of the current pedophile pimp Jeffrey Epstein, the future of Virgin Galactic boss Richard Branson who’s left a toxic trail over the White Sands Spaceport, the shady mobster legacies of Bill and Hillary Clinton, and rumors of Barack Obama’s dope-fueled plan to rig the coming presidential election for a third term, among other scandalous issues. Besides those hijinks, Richardson’s last major coup (besides his reported death) was to fly to Russia to wheedle the prison release of “Miss” Britney Griner, the NBA drag queen power-forward without mammary glands. Recognizing the great fun in Richardson’s scams and aid to prison convicts, no less than Bill Clinton has called him 'The Undersecretary of Thugs.' Until the last shovelful is dumped over the stairwell to hell, as in the case of Count Dracula a coffin may not spell an end to a supposedly dead Richardson’s wizardry. If he unexpectedly pops up again, shoot the zombie home invader in self-defense!

Michelle Luhan Grisham, his worthy successor as a crime-allied governor of New Mexico, announced the state flag would be flown at half mast over the coming week in mourning, better late than never. That exec order came several mysterious days after news of Richardson’s death arrived from Massachusetts, which was the home state of his biological father (which one? I don’t know). Although many innovative schemes originated during his 8-year gubernatorial term (2003-2011) at the Santa Fe statehouse, from financing New Mexico as Hollywood studios’ back-lot in the Southwest desert to the taxpayer nemesis of green-energy technology, not all of his business partners are shedding tears and some are whooping up the demise of that lying, cheating con artist. In fact, nobody is crying in this Land of Enchantment, good riddance!