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Death arrives for a Dubious Americano

In a huge surprise to New Mexico residents, Richardson died at his paternal home in Massachusetts, electing not to retire in the southwestern state that he exploited to the personal financial detriment of farmers, ranchers and foresters facing annual tax hikes and ever more costly state “fees”, along with chronic water shortages and punitive laws, since his reign as “jefe” (dictatorial chieftain).

Brief mention must be given to his rather dubious biography, which begins with his birth in Pasadena. Actually, he was reportedly the child of an American banker practicing in Mexico City and a local woman. As the dodgy story goes, his mom crossed into the USA to ensure her child of U.S. citizenship. That account is a total crock since the children of an American father residing abroad are born citizens (as in my own case).

That raises the question of whether his “parents” were legally married or if little Dickie was under Mexican law a “hijo ilegitimo”, an illegitimate child or, more pungently, a “bastardo”. Let me end this bit of truth-telling with the fond hope that Geronimo and Pancho, wherever their spirits may be swirling like dust devils over this god-forsaken desert, are for once and for all laughing out loud, since revenge must be as sweet as caramel flan made of Chihuahua goat’s milk. Ole!