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Fears of War In Europe As Azerbaijan Launches Military Counter-terror Attack?

Biden Calls Putin A Dictator And Berates Americans For Supporting Trump
MY COMMENT: Calling at least half, possibly over half, of Americans 'domestic enemies' while you wish to start a global war you depend on 'domestic enemies' fighting for your regime is just plain dangerous and stupid! We will not.

MUH "DEMOCRACY!" 20 common functions of American life the government wants to regulate, restrict or outright ban.
These are all things that, to one extent or another, in at least some states, are under attack by governments in partnership with big and powerful corporations. And more than half of them are under attack nationwide by the federal government and its corporate partners.

Berkey Water Filter Maker Sues EPA Over Bogus Claims That Its Products Are 'Pesticides' In Order To Ban Them
MY COMMENT: I am once again glad I am a prepper and have many of these stocked up, but I also have well water which has no flouride, a rain water collection system and a water distiller! Again folks, all these bans against utilities is meant for POPULATION CONTROL. They want us dependant and enslaved!

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