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That typical NY Post article. Funny how these pieces of shit don't care about Palestinian lives. Oh wait. Let me get those names.
>(((Schuyler))) Gordon
>Dr. Zev Neuwirth ((("It’s about our blood and our right to exist")))
>Reuben Taub (((I was in synagogue when the sirens went off" - "I have a home in Jerusalem and my daughter, Melissa, lives in Tel Aviv.")))
>Josh Levine ((("my brother-in-law Dovid Goldstein and I flew to Israel")))
>Three of the Christian cowboys — Zeke Strain, John Plocher, (((Yosef))) Strain
>(((Menachem Geisinsky)))
>Ella Morgenstern ((("The idea is to reinforce our Jewish heritage")))
I'm seeing a clear racial bias here.