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Study Finds Vaccine Aluminum In Lymph Nodes One Year After Injection Reader 11/08/2018 (Thu) 17:42:19 Id: f67272 [Preview] No. 13174
THE CURE FOR CANCER: https://archive.fo/ERvwm
https:// web.archive.org/web/20181023215826/https:// 8ch.net/prepare/res/53.html

Vaccinated sheep have traces of aluminum in their lymph nodes one year after being injected, according to a study published this week by Spanish veterinary researchers.

Lluís Luján and researchers at the University of Zaragosa divided 78 male lambs into three groups – one receiving an accelerated vaccine schedule of 19 injections over 15 months, one receiving aluminum salts commonly added to vaccines to provoke an immune response, and one group receiving a saline control.

Ghost Ship Media reports: https://archive.fo/QakZ6

The study reported that numerous granulomas – cheese-like blobs ranging from 0.5 cm in diameter to 2.0 cm in diameter in the tissue under their skin which migrated to the sheep’s lymph nodes and persisted in their bodies for the duration of the 15-month experiment – were a “universal reaction” in sheep injected with both aluminum adjuvant and vaccines.

The animals who were vaccinated developed more nodules which were more prominent than those which received aluminum adjuvant alone suggesting that commercial vaccine preparations evoke different immune responses than their aluminum ingredients alone. “Remarkably, seven of the vaccine lambs (26.9% of the group) showed between 13 and 16 nodules in the right flank” samples of tissue drawn at the end of the experiment when the animals were sacrificed.

When the researchers examined the tissue samples microscopically, the granulomas were found to be composed largely of macrophages – white blood cells that travel throughout the body scouring up pathogens – that were loaded with tiny dagger-like shards. These fragments were identified by special staining to be aluminum metal at levels more than 85 times the level found in samples from control lambs. They were found to clump together in jagged aggregates which the researchers linked to other research.

Other researchers have speculated that the jagged edges of aluminum engulfed in macrophages act like a Japanese throwing stars which puncture sacs inside the macrophages and spill out into the cell activating its programmed cell death pathways. That appears to be what Luján’s team saw: areas where sacs inside the macrophages showed “discontinuity and loss, leading to the presence of free intracytoplasmic spiculated material.” This material invaded areas of apparent cell death and contained the same needle-like shards as well as other materials including carbon, lead, copper and osmium – a byproduct of the staining reaction used in the experiment.


Aluminum is well established as a neurotoxin and its use in vaccines is highly contested by leading aluminum researchers even though public health agencies have insisted it is used in quantities insufficient to cause harm. In humans it has been linked to neurological diseases including Macrophagic Myofasciitis and in provoking a wide range of autoimmune diseases.

Luján first published research on aluminum toxicity in sheep when he discovered that a new and bizarre disease which decimated the Spanish sheep industry in 2009 was in fact caused by a compulsory blue tongue vaccine campaign. His team published a study demonstrating that the disease known as ovine Autoimmune/Inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants (ASIA) can be experimentally induced by injection of vaccines containing aluminum and aluminum concentrates in damaged nervous tissue.


Reader 11/09/2018 (Fri) 01:16:43 Id: 6a0b3c [Preview] No.13176 del
(302.35 KB 900x523 Aluminium.jpg)
(124.46 KB 274x320 fluoride.jpg)
(234.44 KB 879x1067 fluoride myth.png)
(363.66 KB 868x2814 how it started.png)
Fluoride and aluminium disturb neuronal morphology, transport functions, cholinesterase, lysosomal and cell cycle activities. Aluminum is the very metal which combined with fluoride bypasses the blood/brain barrier and wreaks havoc on your synapses.

These images also cover the most ridiculous claim before it even comes up, and the "humble" origins.

Reader 11/09/2018 (Fri) 17:30:55 Id: bf744c [Preview] No.13178 del
I've been hearing about how Sodium Bicarbonate (pure baking soda) can be used for heavy metal detox, allegedly it heavy metals bind to the bicarbonate and it helps your body flush them out much quicker.

Do you know much about this or recommend this, or is there a better detox out there?

Reader 11/09/2018 (Fri) 18:23:42 Id: 6a0b3c [Preview] No.13179 del
It's not just a neurotoxin. Fluoride is an overall poison, damaging throughout the body. I suggest Iodine supplements, nuts, prunes, honey, broccoli, bananas etc. (boron rich), Tamarind tea to cleanse your bones. Curcumin will protect your brain and kidneys, also preventing damage to DNA. Blackberry juice repairs fluoride liver toxicity and counters oxidative damage. Quercetin protects your heart, Selenium and Zinc will protect your kidneys. And then you need to drink fluoride free water daily to help purge the toxins. I buy this toothpaste regularly for all family members https://www.tomsofmaine.com/products/oral-care and put reverse osmosis filters on all faucets in the house. https://purewaterfreedom.com/filter-fluoride

Reader 11/09/2018 (Fri) 18:25:10 Id: 6a0b3c [Preview] No.13180 del
(220.28 KB 803x2480 fluoride free water.png)
Had to reload for captcha.

Reader 11/09/2018 (Fri) 19:56:31 Id: bf744c [Preview] No.13181 del
Thanks for the tips. Currently I am using a small amount of Sodium Bicarbonate (with distilled water) to detox any heavy metals that stay in my body. I also take curcumin and am well aware it aids the body in many ways. I use coconut oil as well. My water is always distilled, I only drink distilled water. I like veggies and meat, try my best to stay away from snack food and I do avoid soda/carbonated beverages like the plague.

Reader 11/10/2018 (Sat) 14:15:40 Id: 67ab63 [Preview] No.13186 del
What about just buying pure distilled water, or buying a distiller and doing that yourself? I think distilled water is the best option because it removes pretty much everything from the water.

Reader 11/10/2018 (Sat) 22:01:43 Id: 6a0b3c [Preview] No.13196 del
Reverse osmosis systems are more effective, but more expensive. There is one study they performed in India comparing the two to come to that conclusion, but the brainwashed fools keep wailing pro-fluoride bullshit. I won't link to something that stupid.

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