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Huge web outage takes major sites off for an hour Reader 06/10/2021 (Thu) 01:24:46 Id: da632d [Preview] No. 17657
>A huge global web outage swept across the internet this morning, taking out popular sites including Amazon, Twitch, and Reddit. The outages started at around 5:30AM ET, with a large number of sites affected. The Fastly content delivery network (CDN) was the source of the issues, which lasted for more than an hour.

>The issues also affected UK government websites, so British citizens were unable to renew passports, apply for tax allowances, or obtain driving licenses during the outage.

>Fastly hasn’t commented fully on the issues other than an outage message on the company’s status page. “The issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented,” said Fastly at 6:44AM ET.

Reader 06/10/2021 (Thu) 01:26:10 Id: da632d [Preview] No.17658 del

Reader 06/11/2021 (Fri) 02:59:45 Id: 041c1c [Preview] No.17659 del
Amazing anon, seems like the internet isn't as reliable as some would like us to think, it always reminds me of some Elon Musk saying he wants people from all over the world to be able to connect to the interet. Well we'll always have tor right?
Yeah right, tor, the link is a good read about how tor is actually compromised.

Reader 06/14/2021 (Mon) 09:35:34 Id: a3ccca [Preview] No.17663 del
Tech man here.
TL;DR: The internet is mostly reliable, however, soycaff devs end up using unreliable services such as cloudflare (or in this case fastly) to solve problems they create in the first place.

The problems:

- The web wasn't made for this.
HTML webpages are meant to be documents, now people are making "web-apps". This is a shit idea and involves pain for everyone involved. You can drive a screw into wood with lots of effort, but you should be using a nail.

- Monopoly enforcement.
You *could* compete against facebook, but they will DDOS you to shit if you try, same for amazon, and any other big company. Any competition is bought, or dirty measures are used to kill your page off. There is no free tech market, this is a lie.

- Webpages weigh a lot, they're like fat american whores who eat too much, and give excuses for it too.
You know they could be thinner, but sugar is addictive.
Webpages use all manner of unnecessarily large and inelegant frameworks, and bloat up webpages to take up more space than they need to; you could deliver the actual useful content you want with simple html and minimal css. Here's the typical reasons this goes to shit:

- Corporate wants the page to implement a tool just because.
Basically "how can I use AI at my company?" instead of "How can I solve this problem? does it onvolve statistics, AI, or simple good old algorythms?". Soydevs don't have the balls to say no, so they implement an AI assistant on the front webpage.

- Let's add feature X.
Similar to above. Corporations take infinite growth to the extreme conclusion: pus-ridden infected cancerous growths. The marketing chick everyone bangs at the office says she likes AI shit, yesterday it was Android apps, tomorrow it'll be another trend. So instead of fixing shit, more is added, this slows things down. This applies to everything, desktop apps, webpages, android apps...

The hack solution:

- Content Delivery Networks.
Have some third party specialize in "delivering" your shit bloat webpage to people across the globe.
Hosting your page yourself is impractical, since your page, as we said, weighs a lot, and you need to serve it to 100s of normies hourly. So of course, you have a CDN, specialized in serving content from particular servers in each continent, serve your shit. Either your whole page, or parts of it can be served this way.

- Hired protection.
"It would be a shame if your page was taken down by a DDOS attack asn't it? hire us instead and nobody breaks your windows" - Cloudflare

The actual solution:
Webpages should weigh very little and we should give up on trends.
However, most of the internet's content is: the few social medias, which are a waste, the typical corporate webpages, which are just there for posturing, streaming, which is there to sedate americans, and bullshit articles nobody reads.
If there was a general knowledge, or drive for quality as opposed to quantity, none of this would be happening.

In conclusion:
The internet infrastructure is on a basic level, fairly reliable. The problem comes with webpages themselves. What fell wasn't the internet, it was webpages, and mind you they were shit webpages that actually need CDN's to fucking function.
Imagine if a morbidly obese abomination who needed a breathing machine died because the electricity stopped working for half an hour. Nobody would think "the grid is unreliable omg we gonna die", they'd think "it's good enough for anyone who isn't already on death's doorstep and depends on it to an unreasonable degree".

The day cloudflare, or fastly stops working for a week is the day I go out with my friends to celebrate.

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