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Date Leak Ubisoft The Crew 3 GameIns7 06/11/2021 (Fri) 18:16:17 Id: 10fb29 [Preview] No. 17662
The Crew 3 would be in preparation.

A special version would take place in Europe.
Rankings, Boss and categories of car unlockable by Country.

A simulation cars mode + truck could be set up. The suspension of boats and probably planes.
There would have no-go zones (dangerous linked to some mafia and police).

A police roadblock can be crossed without having done the missions. But you will not have your passport (matriculation plate) up to date.
Chase races can then be held with the local police.
The limitation would be in the no man’s land of Russia. Block by a nature and border close to Mongolia.
A majority of islands would not be present directly.
Ireland would nevertheless be linked to a tunnel and used in particular for a northern motor gp.

Oror boreals may be observed towards Isande , Norverge Suede Finland.
Iceland would be used for hardcore season races. A dynamic weather but that corresponds to geographical areas.

Normally an internal first date would be set at the end of 2022.
a mode history of Europe would be under discussion. Discover monuments, the culture of each country, in this rather touristic rodtrip - cultural.

Ubisoft Mapping the World For All of Us? Tardus 07/07/2021 (Wed) 17:32:05 Id: a9ff0c [Preview] No.17702 del
I had seen this game until now. Ubisoft has made some games I love. IMO they are way above shitbrained hamfisted WB whom we have discussed here. I enjoy ENDWAR and at least one other game of theirs, oh Tom Clancy RB6 Vegas is another of theirs I believe.
So imo what ubisoft does well is map usage and animation, and scale, is another thing they do well. This game seems to have excellent scaling in terms of car/vehicle and then out to say, 30km up, that's awesome shit to people like me and other folk here, we love maps and shit. ENDWAR has that also. You could say, one is driving, the other is commanding gropup formations of soldiers and armor. In ENDWAR, we are conditioned in the game, by the human voices, to emote an troop transport, with the eight soldiers inside it. However we all can see that the game would be different if it were robot tanks, with no human voices toi gripe and complain.
So, to knockl ubisoft, I would say they stay in their lane, game wise, they take few risks, and do some things, masterfully. They are french and chinese at least in some sectopr of their company, and, I say that reflects in their game creation art. They willn't introduce ENDWAR meets The Crew, but wouldn't it be awesome?
I'll just describe it here. One could sandbox all their ENDWAR assets such that literally ENDWAR takes place around the player, when they are driving in "The Crew 3" they own both properties. And, in game, I could forsee driving a group of vehicles, teamlike, convoy style, rifle at the window, steering wheel in the other hand, now that would be rad. So, in terms of their lane, I suspect driving game aficionados do not want artillery or rifle fire hitting their cars, and, the ENDWAR style gamers enjoy the confinement of the game board, and how the hell do you race around it?
**To put this another way, the same damn audi in this game, sits in some russian parking lot as an a simple 3d in game asset with zero controls, it blows up and switches to the blown up 3d sprite, heh. All driving games must end with the driver being ejected, what fame gad that in it, you do stunts and eject the driver? Yeah, lanes.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=oITpENmdB0Q [Embed]
https://youtube.com/watch?v=E0rppocaa4c [Embed]
https://youtube.com/watch?v=09CsOC3ixG8 [Embed]

ENDWAR 3 NOW WITH ROAD RACING Tardus 07/21/2021 (Wed) 17:47:05 Id: e12443 [Preview] No.17711 del
Damn sorry for lack of coherence above. Reads terribly like some monkey typing on a keyboard. Oh wait science tells me that's all I am, right? Heh.
Seriously though for reals, we need ENDWAR 3 before we need this game.
And, I want this game or whatever, to be woven into ENDWAR 3 because how the fuck do the maps have no noncoms no civillians no humans running away that you lose points if you wound or squish? See, that's real life.
So, in ENDWAR 3, coming this Christmas from Ubisoft,
You can race cars around the map and achieve gross mayhem and assist the victories.
Road racing meets mad max, how exactly? Well, perhaps tires, are the real weak spot, gaming realistic tires means you may as well have npc getting out to change a flat or use the car as cover.
Ah yes, probably my favorite game ever in its sector, "Full Spectrum Warrior" comes to mind here. One must carry one's wounded buddy out of the shitzone, to the casualty evacuation point. Which, might IRL be the spot of a struggle/skirmish itself.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=TwQtZ5WzYH4 [Embed]

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