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Films Need to Meet Non-White Quota to be Eligible for Academy Award – #OscarsSoJewish Reader 03/30/2022 (Wed) 17:44:45 Id: 558764 [Preview] No. 18243
Nobody watches the Oscars anymore. Who the hell cares about awards given by a bunch of degenerate jews who run the mind control machine in Hollywood? This year there is lots of talk about how the Academy Award’s new rules, Aperture 2025, could help tank the Oscars in years to come. From “Are the Oscars Over?” by LA Mag:
"It’s the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’s latest initiative to make Hollywood more equitable and diverse—more woke—by changing the rules by which films are eligible for Best Picture nominations. Here’s how it works: Starting in 2024, producers will be required to submit a summation of the race, gender, sexual orientation, and disability status of members of their movie’s cast and crew. If a particular movie does not have enough people of color or disabled people or gays or lesbians working on the set—and what is “enough” will be determined by a knotty tangle of byzantine formularies—then that movie will no longer be eligible for an Oscar."

Imagine the nightmare of having to make sure you check every “minority” box for your film production in order to even be considered for an award. It’s like how large corporations are forced to hire diversity officers to ensure that not too many White people are hired or promoted, so that we might have some “racial justice” in the workforce. The move to “diversify” the Oscars started back in 2015 with the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag, which involved a bunch of people complaining about how White people were over-represented as nominees and winners. This led to Hollywood becoming even more anti-White. From NY Times:
"In the movie business, nothing is feared like bad press, and by 2016 timeworn incentive structures had begun to tilt in favor of increased diversity in front of and behind the camera. Films like “Get Out,” “Black Panther,” “Coco’’ and “Crazy Rich Asians” drove a multicultural gold rush at the box office as well as the Oscars, where a record 13 winners of color took home awards in 2019 alone."

While some of the actors, directors, etc. people saw on their TVs at the 2015 Oscars were White, many of them were actually jewish. The real scandal that needs to be exposed is not how White people control Hollywood, but how anti-White jews run the whole business, and are only labeled as White when they do something bad (think Harvey Weinstein). They use their media monopoly to release anti-White ideas in the world, indoctrinating the youth and adults alike with their filth. It honestly cannot be argued that jews do not control Hollywood (they admit as much themselves) or that they constantly pump out anti-White garbage. If there is going to be a new racial quota system in place, I suggest that in order to really achieve equity, jews should not be allowed to any more than 2% of any film production. It really is unfair to all the black, “latinx,” Asian, Arab, and Eskimo creators out there that jews should be able to dominate this industry in such a way. Obviously I am joking. If I had my way, I would push for 0% in the media. How could any reasonable person not have zero tolerance when you consider the amount of child rape and exploitation committed by Hollywood jews, as well as the degenerate and criminal agendas they have pushed in the name of entertainment?

What is really going to happen with the new racial quota system is that there will be less real White people and jews will be taking over the remaining “White” quota or else creating a separate one for themselves, since the chosen tribe is really just an oppressed minority. A good example of this oppression is Roman Polanski, who was not able to accept his Oscar for a Holohoax film he made, just because he drugged and anally raped a teenage girl and then fled from justice. "I’m really sorry he’s in jail." – Meryl Streep. "I know it wasn’t rape rape." - Whoopi. We could get into all of the jews involved in the child rape industry today, but we have already covered much of that in our Pizzagate and Beyond investigation. [continued]

Reader 03/30/2022 (Wed) 17:47:41 Id: 558764 [Preview] No.18244 del
https://www.bitchute.com/video/g13Fxb0pmgrB/ [Embed]

To conclude, I say death to the Oscars. Let the world know that the reason you don’t watch this garbage is because #OscarsSoJewish. - Kyle of Renegade Tribune reports.­


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