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Klaus Schwab’s gay jew Advisor Yuval Noah Harari is Insane Reader 04/13/2022 (Wed) 23:14:34 Id: a26314 [Preview] No. 18286
Klaus Schwab who is the architect of the Great Reset and all these weird global agendas has a top advisor named Yuval Noah Harari. He is an Israeli jew and a homosexual who has all sorts of crazy and insane ideas. Just watch some of these clips people have been posting of him. In this clip [1st video] he talks about implanting chips and technology into people to enhance and upgrade humans. He describes the humans who ultimately choose not to accept this future technology as “useless.”

Here [2nd video] he talks about how computer algorithms will determine if somebody is a homosexual after describing how he determined that he was a cocksucking faggot at the age of 21. [3rd video] he describes his plan on how to deal with the people he views as worthless and/or useless. He suggests a combination of drugs and computer games to pacify them. [4th video] he talks about using COVID-19 as an excuse for mass biometric surveillance. There are numerous other clips of this Jew fag out there. Clearly, the things he is suggesting are completely ridiculous. But he is considered to be a very serious intellectual among the World Economic Forum and Great Reset crowd. He has also rejected the idea that humans have souls.

He is basically a proponent of transhumanism believing that the elite class will become immortals and live forever by merging with technology. He thinks they can play the role of God and become living gods themselves through the use of technology. All of this is crazy and impractical to implement, but it is literally an agenda that they believe they can go through with. As they push forward with this plan, they want all the people who they consider “useless” to live in pods, eating bugs, taking drugs while playing videogames and binge viewing pornography. Merging with technology and trying to become a god yourself is just a way to imprison your soul. The fact that a weirdo jew like this is saying the opposite is pretty much proof of this. This is someone who has sold his soul to the devil and this undoubtedly explains why he was born on this planet as a jew.


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