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Welcome to hate jews /news/
The news nobody reads because they'd rather let jews lie to them
Post quality threads only (more than two sentences), and it's voluntary to crosspost to /pol/
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(168.24 KB 854x1327 Jew Bioweapons.png)
Reader 10/19/2022 (Wed) 12:29 Id: 34ee56 [Preview] No. 19208

The Jews claim the clotshot does not hurt them. This could be reality for two reasons, one we already know of (not all shots created equal) and I will post the second reason, based on my several years of direct experience with their community and other data I have that cannot be searched anymore.

First, the history of the clotshot.

The clotshot has it's roots in a late 1990's research and development project (continued to this day) done as "weapons development" by Israel in the Negev desert near Dimona. I was onto their race specific AND ETHNIC bioweapons plot in earnest at the turn of the century and totally in 2003, when I fully woke up. Back then data was readily accessible and I dug straight to the bottom of it all. Back then the human genome project was all the rage and was being done "for the greater good" and they asked eveyone to install something on their computers to give them more computing power "when your computer was idle", I had a good one and that chewed it down to nothing all the time so I took it off . . . . . anyway-

Years later (2002) I discovered that Israel was taking all the data people were donating with their computers and using it to find the unique differences in the genome that could be exploited via custom tailored genetic bioweapons. More importantly, they also, at the same time, had an even more useful ethnic bioweapons program that also continues to this day.

the difference between race specific and ethnic bioweapons: The Jews had a problem with race specific weapons. That problem was caused by the fact that there are Jews from many races. This is why in the end, while race specific weapons were still useful, (especially under total control via "vaccines"), if they really wanted to do a bulk wipeout of populations and remain unscathed they had to use ethnic bioweapons.

The two huge ethnicity items Jews could exploit were the fact they did not eat pork, and Pareve. I also have a hunch that their push to get everyone eating insects plays into this, they sure won't, insects are not kosher. Jews also salt the hell out of their foods while telling everyone else to avoid it, and they avoid fluoride like the plague.

Pareve: don't mix meat and dairy. If you hav ANY dairy products, even in trace amounts as ingredients in prepared foods, you cannot eat any meat for at least six hours because of how meat and dairy interact in the digestive system. longer times are preferred. It does not matter what meat, Pareve is for ALL meat. I do not know the chemistry behind this interaction, I just know it is a rule, - one that could definitely be exploited with an ethnic bioweapon.

Do I need to explain pork? Something as obvious as pork in the diet would be beyond easy to exploit and I have a hunch that's what those fibrous clots that embalmers are finding are made of. If you have pork saved up, use it at your own risk until it is gone, an then abandon the concept.

Reader 10/19/2022 (Wed) 12:30 Id: 34ee56 [Preview] No.19209 del
Obviously, Muslims are targeted and they don't eat pork. That's where Pareve, insects, salt, fluoride, an generalized "Kosher" come into play. It is a safe bet that a pork avoiding Muslim would do much better against the clotshot than bar-b-q joe even if the Muslim did not observe Pareve. Muslims will be a harder target.

There is little you can do to protect yourself from a genetic bioweapon and lots you can do for protection against ethnic bioweapons.

All the people who sent their DNA in to places like 23 and me really screwed up, because now they have a perfect copy of your code they can exploit to destroy only you. If you have not done that, don't, ditto for any future testing (such as the fraudulent "COVID tests") that many were suckered into. For a genetic bioweapon to be "safe and effective" they really need the details, don't just hand them over!

People of all ethnicities: to keep yourself much safer against whatever comes next, look at your life, especially your foods and ask yourself: Are the Jews doing this differently? Protect your DNA record. And then remember the THIRD ITEM: not all shots are created equal.


Reader 10/21/2022 (Fri) 12:18 Id: b3db6b [Preview] No.19226 del
Gonna mirror this you know where, for maximum butthurt. Good to see you again. Hope I can even post here. Have had problems before.

Reader 10/21/2022 (Fri) 12:27 Id: b3db6b [Preview] No.19227 del
(190.83 KB 1280x800 Miss-Me-Yet.jpg)
Yeah, it's easier here than there!

Reader 10/21/2022 (Fri) 13:33 Id: b3db6b [Preview] No.19228 del
But posting there is actually easier than in the captcha days, once you get the hang of the AddOn. And it seems semi-safe, in that you just get a new authentication code each time you post from a different thread, or with a different IP, and the AddOn is open source, and it isn't Jewgle. ++It's not tied to your device, or even your browser. It's tied to the Post Deletion Code.++ I, of course, use
with separate persistent Firefox Profiles, like I dun told ya years ago! (and, a simpler explanation is here: https://8kun.top/freedomzine/res/18645.html#q18713 )
No, I won't be going back to /pnd/. Sorta guiding JN back there, where he can have all the free speech for spreading his diarrhea hate-spam that he desires, without moderation.
I'll probably mirror your shit temporarily, just to push the sperg's buttons, but hope to see you back over there soon too! Best to get it out wherever you can. MAXIMUM BUTTHURT.
They have, after all, placed us on a War Footing; and all we have is the Truth on our side. That's why they want to limit our ability to share our viewpoint in every way possible; in order to control the narrative.

Reader 10/21/2022 (Fri) 17:00 Id: 7b4a3c [Preview] No.19229 del
I was already very concerned about 8kun being a massive honeypot and thought about posting news and comments elsewhere before Jim fucked up his site. Now that he demands us install something onto our own operating systems just to post there Sorry but that's as bad as giving Facebook your phone number, Jim went too far. I'm kinda glad 8kun is dying now honestly, it was shady enough to begin with anyway and besides, the glow niggers over there hated real news every time it got posted. I say let 8kun finally die in it's own misery. As far as /pnd Glad it's dead and riddled with garbage no one will bother reading anymore, it's not like many of those people ever wanted to read the truth anyway, thus the mass exodus from it's early days (/pnd/ once was a very popular board before the covid false flag and clot shot depop agenda started being exposed).

PS: if you really want to trigger Johnny Neptune just mirror a ton of news from this board, but don't tell him where it came from. It will drive him and the glow niggers up the wall LOL!

Reader 10/22/2022 (Sat) 20:57 Id: 708820 [Preview] No.19240 del
> PS: if you really want to trigger Johnny Neptune just mirror a ton of news from this board, but don't tell him where it came from. It will drive him and the glow niggers up the wall LOL!
That's what I said I was gonna do, and I already have.
Post Moar REAL NEWS.
But, like I said, the AddOn for a fake sand-boxed Firefox Profile that ya nuke all the cache and whatnot every time, and you only use that browser profile for shitposting there, and it's the only profile with, yes, the "Open Source" AddOn installed, it's really not so bad. It's actually better and safer than having all your shit go through a 3rd-Party Captcha. Plus, it DEFINITELY makes people think about their posts more, and the quality is bound to improve. As for moderation, well, I wrote a thread about that this morning, and why it is important to not let Miserable Progressive Leftists DDoS Reality with their Diarrhea Hate-Spam.
We Cannot Let Them "Win".
But you are correct about the Joogle Authenticator. Wow. Jim has gone full-retard and only cares about Q-turd Twatterites.
I know you hate change, but maybe you could give it a try. You can use
, a GUI, and it makes it easier than shit to fire up a Firefox Profile. But I explained how to make a persistent profile over there. C'mon, Killcen! I know you've got a Linux machine around there somewhere! I told you about running a whole OS on a USB too, MX Linux, I believe I recommended. Still do, for the best Linux OS for running on a Live USB with 25 GB Root Persistence and up to 25 GB Home Persistence! Then you could run
(not to mention, a whole lot of other shit!) on that!
Having some tools, like a Live Linux Operating System with Persistence on a USB, may come in handy during the times to come...
I'll try to mirror some shit for awhile over there and lead JN to believe you broke down and got the AddOn, just for maximum butthurt. But I only go in once or twice a day myself, and am only there to post some TRUTHS.
(((They))) can't Stop the TRUTH.
Speaking of...

"Tucker Carlson Tonight" — FULL Show | 2022-10-21


Permanent D.C. & Deep State Players Have Destroyed Our Civilization, Enforced Totalitarian Controls On "We, the People", Worldwide, and Have Used the Justice System as a Weapon Against ALL Who Do Not Exercise ABSOLUTE CONFORMITY In All That They Say or Do — CONFORMITY Which They DEMAND.

Need I Say More?


Reader 10/22/2022 (Sat) 22:20 Id: 708820 [Preview] No.19241 del
Actually, you were correct; that place is a shithole, and probably not "WORTH IT"; at least not right now. Posting and Editing have been disabled again today, so I don't even have Moderation Tools! Not that anyone can post anything! But this has been happening with too much frequency lately. Somebody has a hard-on for the Q-tards, at least until after the election that they're gonna lose so badly that half the glowtards will be out of a job! LOL!
But yeah, I had a nice "Killcen" post ready to go, and will post it when I get the chance. You can always gimme more material too! I'm just posting stuff you would anyway.
Poor Johnny is threatening to go back to "His" Board, and I say good riddance. I'm gonna let it die with Ashley and him. Dunno what my long-term plans are, as I'm going through some things right now, but I'll keep the lights on as long as it feels like the right thing to do; and you KNOW how I like to get up under the skin of the powers-that-ought-not-be!

Reader 10/23/2022 (Sun) 12:43 Id: ff4bd1 [Preview] No.19242 del
(682.59 KB 867x1570 43t1cfd.png)
I'll be sticking to endchan /news/ from now on, only posting content that I think is important to know about. Bombshell real news, but we all know how fucked this world really is already so there's really not so much to say anymore anyway. Hope you do continue posting fresh content to /freedomzine/ at the very least, it's nice to know there is still something worth reading on that shithole of a dead site lol.

Reader 10/24/2022 (Mon) 17:40 Id: 4b6ff3 [Preview] No.19250 del
I don't see that as a bad thing. Jim the jew and his datamining site can get fucked.

Reader 10/24/2022 (Mon) 17:53 Id: 4f9f50 [Preview] No.19252 del
(86.23 KB 640x458 6vdy4k.jpg)
(126.67 KB 747x500 6uj1n6.jpg)

Reader 10/24/2022 (Mon) 17:54 Id: 4f9f50 [Preview] No.19253 del
(56.33 KB 500x500 6xyvaw.jpg)

Reader 10/24/2022 (Mon) 18:00 Id: 4f9f50 [Preview] No.19254 del

Reader 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:52 Id: 4b6ff3 [Preview] No.19256 del
>Brittney Griner
That bitch has zero breasts. It's a man.

Reader 11/21/2022 (Mon) 03:10 Id: 803169 [Preview] No.19338 del
Post 1 of 3

> picrel from a Search on NIH.gov
Highly Recommend.
I'll post PDFs next post of the 3 pages that showed up when I made that Search.
The Jig IS UP!
The Goyim KNOW!

> had a nice "Killcen" post ready to go, and will post it when I get the chance.
YUUUGE Mistake.
Quite Costly, in fact.
> Dunno what my long-term plans are, as I'm going through some things right now, but I'll keep the lights on as long as it feels like the right thing to do; and you KNOW how I like to get up under the skin of the powers-that-ought-not-be!
A Stance that required Re-Adjustment.
Changing ALL My Tactics in This Information War Now That I Got a Tiny Taste of Just How Much Each of Us Can Be Affected by Forces Outside Our Control — Forces That Seek To Control EVERYONE & EVERYTHING, and DDoS Our Reality. Every Single Decision We Make in Life Has Far-Reaching Consequences, and Should Be Approached With Caution, Focus, Thoughtfulness, Discipline & Dedication. I am not the only one who has made mistakes! Take, for example, the ADL. I'm sure that by now they have begun to regret their heavy-handed approach with censorship and controlling what information who gets to say, or even what people think! If folks did not take "Conspiracies" seriously before, they sure as hell do now!
I learned a LOT during this process, and will be publishing some (not all!) of my findings soon. Have made myself pretty scarce on the internet in the meantime. I have done nothing wrong! But you don't have to say or do anything "wrong" anymore! All ya gotta do is express "Wrong-Think" in the Wrong place! FREEDOM is DEFINITELY "Wrong-Think" Nowadays.
Nobody appreciates powerful enemies with powerful tools completely demolishing one's ability to express Authenticity.
But that's the kind of world we live in. A world where the Powerful have the means, motive and opportunity to utterly DESTROY Anyone & Anything They Do Not Like, and they're highly likely to get hordes of useful idiots and fools to pile on too! After all, everyone wants to "fit in" with some group of like-minded individuals; and most folks are quite resistant even to the thought of "going against the grain" in any way whatsoever — especially in a climate such as the one we find ourselves in now. That it took decades to get us into this mess is a good indication that it will take decades to get us out of it. An entire generation must be taught new ways of thinking (to them) — Ways of Freedom, Self-Reliance, and a Sense of Responsibility that Extends to the World Around Them — ways of thinking that are alien to most in the younger generations, and absolutely at odds with the ways of thinking being foisted on us all by the powers-that-ought-not-be.
tl;dr Fighting (((their))) power-structures, or even engaging with them on the field of battle in this Information War is a losing proposition. They are too entrenched, they control all the means of communication, and they have planned for every contingency in an open war of words. One cannot hope to win, even by saturating the planet with Truth bombs! No. There is only one way to win against this monstrous evil. Provide a Better Alternative, and Get People Excited About That!
So, that is where I will be focusing my energies, with what little I have left of this life.
The road has been rough, but "WORTH IT". I'll be getting more specific in the future, but yeah, I'm changing tactics somewhat.

Reader 11/21/2022 (Mon) 03:12 Id: 803169 [Preview] No.19339 del
(258.83 KB 500x379 SHILLS.png)
Post 2 of 3

Yeah, I can't post the PDFs. They're too big...

I'll post links later..

Oh, there will be information sharing! Much more, in fact; in many more places, reaching many more people!
You see, that's kinda what happens when ya try to squash something! It spreads out, and the REAL Flesh and Seeds find their way to more fertile ground, sustaining us all.
But Information-Sharing is not where I'm focused most anymore. There are so many taking up that mantle, and I will be happy to focus my energies on helping to Create the New Paradigm, the Alternative System, the New Ways of Thinking that need to be encouraged for generations, in order to return us to a path where we, as a species, are more focused on setting ourselves free — Free to practice Authenticity & Integrity, In Recognition of Our Divine Nature.
Yes, (((They))) want to take that from you. FROM EVERYONE. But (((they))) do not recognize, nor celebrate, their own Divine Nature, so (((they))) are really no match for us. They'll be fighting the wrong battle for all time!
So Take Heart! Have Courage, Man! We've got 'em on the run! Look at their Reactionary Behavior! Don't emulate it; just notice it, and take pleasure in the knowledge that our work is having an effect.
Speaking of work, I have been about that "Great Work", and will continue with much dedication and perseverance. The work I have found to do is so important I had to dedicate my ALL to it — Body, Mind & Spirit. All three are affected by each other. It's like a three-legged stool. If you want a level and firm foundation, you're gonna have to shore up all three in balance and harmony within your life. I personally found that certain activities I had long participated in were no longer useful in the furtherance of my authentic work, so I dropped them and replaced those activities with far more healthy choices; and that has made all the difference for me in my life, and my ability to be EFFECTIVE (which is really the point, eh?)
I've been focusing on health a lot, in fact — health of body, mind & spirit. They sustain each other, and a weakness in any area affects every other area of one's life. You know that. I don't need to tell you to let the Spirit guide you! But I have begun to, in much more earnest, and it's been paying off! Mental clarity is just one of those ways. Substances like cannabis, which I used to enjoy, are just a stumbling-block to further development, and I don't participate in helping build stumbling blocks in the way of my authenticity anymore. There's plenty of folks trying to hamper my Authentic Behavior as it is! I don't need to join the hordes and pile on too!
> I'll be sticking to endchan /news/ from now on, only posting content that I think is important to know about. Bombshell real news, but we all know how fucked this world really is already so there's really not so much to say anymore anyway. Hope you do continue posting fresh content to /freedomzine/ at the very least, it's nice to know there is still something worth reading on that shithole of a dead site lol.
Yeah, about that... "Q", the Q-bot run by the Intel Agencies, Glowsticks, Jim & thousands of Qtards, decided to RAID the board, and ALL were repulsed with mass bans and deletions (some of which are still ongoing.) Yes, Jim was banned! There will be more on this later, but I will be VERY Careful as to what information I share anywhere. You see, I was given a great gift — the Gift of Knowledge...

Reader 11/21/2022 (Mon) 03:15 Id: 803169 [Preview] No.19340 del
Post 3 of 3

It is said, "Know Your Enemy." I prefer not to have "enemies", but one does not always have the luxury of sitting out a war on the side-lines; especially when all the forces are arrayed against one personally!
tl;dr Much data was gathered during the raid, including metadata, and much was learned. I cannot, and will not, ever share all my findings, as it probably wouldn't be of any actual help to anybody, and I want to be effective. I can't do that if I am cultivating a bigger target on my back. It is sometimes best to let sleeping dogs lie; [and (((they))) should probably have remembered that. I won't be making that same mistake, nor will I be reactionary.] But I WILL Be Publishing a Statement of FACTS sometime this next week. Like I said, I have many irons in the fire now, and I have a LOT of Work to Do on MANY Fronts; so that hellhole is pretty much low on the totem-pole, and not of the highest priority. But yeah, I'll probably get a chance to say my piece and do what I always attempt to do — PROVOKE THOUGHT. All "Else" is just a waste of time & energy. Keep an eye out! There WILL Be More Changes!

Also, I ain't gonna just leave this thread without contributing something of value to the topic either! So, here goes...
> inb4 "Long COVID" isn't REAL.
I KNOW. It's probably just another of the MANY Vaxx Injuries experienced by those who actually took the jab!
But that doesn't mean that many of their symptoms are not real, or that there is nothing they can do to try to reverse the effects of that poison (although, yeah, it fucks 'em up genetically!) In that spirit...


I learned much from that link I ran into while studying something else, namely nicotine helping with Long-Haul COVID and even Cancer. I'll share a couple more links..


And, of course, this one:


interesting that the government went on hyper-drive to drastically lower nicotine levels in everything recently!



they're also pushing RSV vaccines for children now. RSV That THEY CAUSED!

And yes they're putting the vaccine, as in the COVID Vaccine, in beef cattle now! (Don't even get me started on the chemtrails they're finally admitting to!)

> when Killcen was RIGHT...

We all have to work together and be personally responsible for the substances we choose to put in our bodies. You were correct. Know local farmers, and buy REAL Meat from them. Pretty much NOTHING in the stores can be trusted anymore. Sad, but Totally TRUE. It's not just the processed shit anymore. It's EVERYTHING.


Reader 11/21/2022 (Mon) 03:34 Id: 803169 [Preview] No.19341 del
(9.62 KB 488x528 reactioning-here.png)
> picrel from a Search on NIH.gov
> I'll post PDFs next post of the 3 pages that showed up when I made that Search.

> Yeah, I can't post the PDFs. They're too big...
> I'll post links later..
Probably not. You can look the webpages up for yourself. Here's the relevant info (including PMC Numbers) related to the PDFs I made of those pages, which are still on NIH.gov.




I put 'em all three in a 74 MB ZIP for anyone interested at:


> inb4 all the waaahs about the catbox
No one is forcing anyone to use it.


Reader 11/21/2022 (Mon) 14:47 Id: 063ccc [Preview] No.19342 del
8kun is fully compromised and that was one thing Johnny Neptune did not lie about and I suspected it all along. The only reason I posted there was because I was previously able to use top-notch opsec while posting. That is until Jim fucked the site up by removing the captcha and imposing third party spyware to post. That's likely how you became compromised, even while sandboxing such spyware. Same thing will happen if you trust anything from Big Tech companies, they are all covertly run by governments, they are all infiltrated by tech-savvy spooks, even many of the "alternative" platforms today. There is a very good reason I keep things simple and do not trust what I do not know when it comes to online activity. Anything that asks for email or a phone number you should avoid like the plague. If you are using a computer for any kind of shitposting or social media it is wise not to have any personal information stored in that computer. Keep anything personal on an isolated separate computer with a different VPN installed for it.

If you want to engage in a real info war today you have to invest in multiple laptops/computers and VPNs, have offline Faraday caged backups of hardware and freshly installed and personally modified OS & software ready-to-go, you must to stick with systems you know and what is best and most convenient for you to use, you must nuke all .sqlite caches from the web browser directories, de-compartmentalize online activities, use encryption, use forward secrecy, use disposable email accounts linked to absolutely no one, find ways to spoof phone numbers if required for registration to Big Tech platforms, then it takes the dedication of keeping up with all the censorship day to day. My honest question is whether it is worth all the time and trouble when in all likelihood we will inevitably see a collapse of modern society regardless what we have to say. Besides, if you become a target of the NSA or CIA there is an honest likelihood you will remain targeted: online or offline. They'd know the second you bootstrap a 30 year old offline PC or the second you picked up your rotary phone to swirl dial a number over landline.

As for nicotine and covid, the one thing they have in common is they both bind to the same ACE2 receptors. The nicotine compromises the effectiveness of the covid virus, ironically making it easier for the people who smoke tobacco to defeat covid. As for nicotine and cancer: nicotine alone does NOT cause cancer unless excessively consumed. What CAN cause cancer is all the other chemicals and preservatives they put in cigarette tobacco! Even the filters are bad for you as they are loaded with nano-plastics and crap like bisphenol A nanoplastics. I smoke a pipe every once in a while and will ONLY smoke organic non-laced tobacco.

Glad to see you are still around btw. I look forward to learning more about what really happened to 8kun, or whatever you are able to disclose without significant risk.

Reader 11/21/2022 (Mon) 21:48 Id: c00124 [Preview] No.19345 del
(708.22 KB 401x814 4348.png)
>Fighting (((their))) power-structures, or even engaging with them on the field of battle in this Information War is a losing proposition.
>They are too entrenched, they control all the means of communication, and they have planned for every contingency in an open war of words.
>One cannot hope to win, even by saturating the planet with Truth bombs!
Interesting description in the last paragraph. I'd say out of everything truthful you've said, that is the most potent. However, getting people excited about alternatives (to dropping truth bombs) really depends on what those alternatives are. I have been down this same road for many years and nothing much left besides hypotheticals are better than dropping truth. Hypotheticals such as finding yourself a pack of geniuses to make amazing enough discoveries to defeat those controlling the narrative with lies. Not just truth bombs. I'm talking science fiction made into science fact. Otherwise, the only remaining alternative is the age-old solution of outnumbering (((them))) gradually until eventually (((they))) outnumber and overthrow you.<-That last suggestion is really just a sad repeat of the historical destruction of previous empires.
About that: The Covid-19 virus specifically attacks your nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChR) among other neuronal receptors and triggers a cytokine storm (white blood cells) that causes inflammation. The virus itself would be harmless except for it tricks your body into attacking you. Your nAChRs are neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors for nerve/muscle communication and muscle contraction which also respond to a variety of drugs. Nicotine is an 𝛼7 agonist which prevents the binding of the spike protein. In other words, while you're risking deadly cancers from those chemicals and preservatives in nicotine products, nicotine itself is a prevention of the virus.

Reader 11/22/2022 (Tue) 20:13 Id: 803169 [Preview] No.19351 del
I wasn't compromised, luckily. Sandboxing does work. Those idiot Authenticators were only used for a week. (One of which came straight out of Israel, and required one to sync one's system time with the Israeli servers!) LOL! It wasn't one 8kun recommended, but it WAS recommended on a new 8kun-Authenticator Board, and used by the Q-bot!, not to mention dozens of Qtards, whose OPSEC is quite evidently Twatter-Tier.
Last I checked 8kun uses email to authenticate, which as you know, anyone can spin up a temporary one at will, with every post if you'd like! I haven't been posting there in weeks though, as I have to go about everything there with a lot more delicacy and finesse than the average shitposter, due to the nature of a rather unenviable position. I'll try to get around to explaining myself more effectively in the near future, but I don't think 8kun is as "fully compromised" as you might think, and I do believe that all your OPSEC practices should keep you reasonably safe. Especially since we're just a couple of old men who like to pseudonymously sorta "blog" on occasion, and we're really not hurting anybody anyway. We don't even skirt the edge of illegality, nor are we the ones spreading divisiveness and hate. That would be (((Them))). There are so many bigger fish to fry! Still, unless you have a good reason to actually post there now, it might be wiser not to. One can always lurk, and Tor usually works for that (It also still works for moderation, which is nice.)

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving with Family! (Family is SO Important.)
Speaking of family...

Here's a link to the World Premiere of the long-awaited Stew Peters Documentary, "Died Suddenly".

"Died Suddenly" - The Full Stew Peters Documentary | 2022-11-21



Share With ALL Your Family & Friends.

We still have much to be thankful for.

We can be thankful that the Murderous Globalist Elite will Lose This Information War and Never Complete Their Plans Fully.

And that is the TRUTH.

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