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You Want 'Em, You Got 'Em! Texas State Sends 300th Bus of Illegal Immigrants To Democrat-Run State Reader 11/12/2022 (Sat) 17:35 Id: 394fca [Preview] No. 19329
You Want 'Em, You Got 'Em! Texas State Sends 300th Bus of Illegal Immigrants To Democrat-Run State

Texas has now sent around 300 buses of immigrants to predominantly Democrat-run areas of the country in an effort to deal with an influx of illegal aliens at the southern border.

Gov. Greg Abbott announced the latest transportation of illegal immigrants to so-called “sanctuary” cities on Twitter on Nov. 11.

“The 300th Texas bus of migrants just left for Chicago,” the Republican governor wrote. “As [President Joe] Biden does nothing, Texas will continue taking unprecedented action to relieve our overwhelmed border communities & secure the border.”

A statement from Abbott’s office on Nov. 4 said that Texas has bused almost 8,300 illegal immigrants to Washington, D.C. since April, over 3,500 to New York City since Aug. 5, and more than 1,100 to Chicago since Aug. 31 as part of its effort to secure the border.

The governor’s office says the busing mission is “providing much-needed relief to our overwhelmed border communities.”

Abbott and other Republicans have criticized Biden’s open border policies for creating a crisis that has seen record-breaking numbers of illegal immigrants attempting to enter the United States.

Meanwhile, more than 2.3 million illegal immigrants were arrested at the southern border during fiscal year 2022, according to data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection published in September (pdf), the highest number ever recorded.

The uptick in illegal immigrants has also seen cartels bringing the deadly drug fentanyl across the border in record amounts.

However Democratic lawmakers have taken aim at Abbott’s busing program, and have accused Republicans of “human trafficking” the immigrants.


Reader 11/13/2022 (Sun) 04:36 Id: 074a38 [Preview] No.19330 del
(63.88 KB 640x480 1311707470.jpg)
(481.26 KB 632x557 1541164268870.png)
(224.63 KB 1400x933 Abbott yarmulke.jpg)
(252.80 KB 1400x933 kike Abbott.jpg)
(819.77 KB 756x824 mixing_pot-1155x627.png)
Too late. Abbott is only virtue signaling to his primarily Conservative base. Mid to southern Texas is nearly already Mexico. Only wealthy northern regions of cities here have predominantly caucasian people. The east, west and south are overwhelmingly Hispanic. I've seen Texas transform into a migrant hell hole since the 1980s back when I asked the old man why there were trucks full of brown people. He said "Son, those are wetbacks. They get to do the shitty jobs for below minimum wage." Well, now there are a staggering amount of Mexican business owners, politicians, governors, managers and supervisors except the northern areas. As far as Greg Abbott: Traitors can never wash out their shame.

Reader 11/13/2022 (Sun) 08:35 Id: bfccec [Preview] No.19331 del
You are probably right about Abbott, considering Texas has been dominated by conservatives for several decades. Now that Texas has a Republican "super-majority" after the midterms they could easily pass legislation to build a wall all across the southern border of Texas (if they really wanted to!). I doubt that will ever happen and if it does not that's because the Republicans are just as compromised and just as corrupted. This is likely how America will perish. Not with a bang but with a whimper, the Caucasian population overrun and replaced with slave waging wetbacks.

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